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Mondo Fuego™
NOprah 2020
Thu Jan 11, 2018 11:32am

America doesn't want another wealthy, inexperienced TV star in the Oval Office.


    • Let it go... Sprout, Thu Jan 11 1:03pm
      High level folks like that are generally strong type A personalities. Driven folks. They don't like to here the word, "No." I would say the best way to guarantee that Oprah DOES run is to make a lot... more
      • I don't care if she runs ...Mondo Fuego™ , Thu Jan 11 2:46pm
        ... makes no difference to me. BoZoBaMa, as terrible as he was, didn't impact me personally. Trump's policies don't impact me. I don't look to the stock market to make my wealth. I'm at the age where ... more
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