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Mondo Fuego™
Pelosi calls Wal*Mart $1000 bonus per employee"chicken feed"
Fri Jan 12, 2018 1:46pm

Had this occurred under BoZoBaMa's watch she would be a giddy gibbon instead of a dried-up old sourpuss.

Wal*Mart has 1 million employees. This is a $1 billion outlay out of shareholder wealth, a pretty gutsy move on the part of Wal*Mart management, but it appears that they are confident that what goes around comes back around, since the Trump 40+% stock market increase has added far more than $1 billion in wealth to the Wal*Mart shareholders.

$1,000 each in the pockets of Wal*Mart employees is a huge benefit for them. Plus, an increase for beginning employees.

Other companies have followed suit, all because of President Trump's leadership:

Alaska Airlines
Jet Blue
Delta Airlines
Bank of America
Waste Management
Wells Fargo
Southwest Airlines
US Bancorp
American Airlines
PNC Bank
First Horizon
Unity Bank

Many, many more to come.

Meanwhile, BIG NEWS: Chrysler has moved a truck plant from Mexico back to Michigan. 2,500 jobs!!!!

    • great for someTrish, Sat Jan 13 5:45am
      but not for the people at the 65 stores they are closing nationwide....
      • If the stores are not economically viable, what do you do?Mondo Fuego™ , Sat Jan 13 11:53am
        What would you do? After all, GM was going bust, and Obama screwed teachers' pension funds in favor of union favors, all for political purposes. Would Obama bail out the 65 WalMart stores? Is he even ... more
        • just saying the timingtrish, Sun Jan 14 5:58am
          was rather "convenient" ATT and comcast did likewise.
          • You didn't answer my question.Mondo Fuego™, Sun Jan 14 8:03am
            If certain economic units are not pulling their weight financially, what would you do? A good case in point: How would you prevent the pending shutdown of Sears and KMart? It's easy to sit on the... more
    • She must be referring to the $11.00 hourly wage. (nm)PH💵😳💵, Fri Jan 12 3:22pm
      • That's an entry-level wage ...Mondo Fuego™ , Sat Jan 13 11:55am
        ... If I were a college student and needed money, I might work there part-time to help pay my expenses instead of looking for taxpayer-funded DACA/Dreamer handouts. Stocking shelves is good exercise.
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