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Remember when Impostor Trump dissed Obama's bow to the Saudi
Sat Feb 10, 2018 7:03am

On Trumps visit to Saudi Arabia, not only did Trump bow to the Saudi King, but also curtsied to him, before he fondled one of the king's balls.(check the video replay). And Trump thought Obama'a bow was weak,and possibly was, unless you compare it to Trump's ball stroking abilities and little girl curtsy. We'll let him get away with his bow. Does anyone really believe Obama's bow was worse than Trump's complete capitulation to a royal? Trump's actions were understandable, after all, they're filthy rich, and that's all Trump cares about. He's probably considering changing his phoney religion to whatever pays the best. Trump, the only POTUS to rub one of a Middle Eastern dictators balls, and smile while doing it. Strange hero to some people out there.

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