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Mean old liberals
Sat Feb 10, 2018 9:11am

Probably brought the family members comfort seeing that flag up there; and the statue of a man praying at the cross my have lead them to pray and find peace.

MY CONCLUSION...liberals are Communist.

King settles flag lawsuit; Christian flag, statue to be removed

The Veteran’s Memorial at King Central Park is losing its Christian flag and statue of a soldier kneeling by a cross, ending four years of contentious debate.

The King City Council on Tuesday voted 3-2 to approve a settlement agreement in the lawsuit, Steven Hewett v. the City of King.

What do you think about the council’s decision to do away with the flag and remove the solider statue?

Under the agreement, the city will not fly the Christian flag, will end its flag lottery policy, and will remove the statue depicting a soldier kneeling before a cross-shaped marker.

The council voted in King City Hall before a mostly filled room of about 60 people. While the crowd never got out of hand, many people shook their heads in frustration as the board voted to settle. A few people interjected, saying such things, “What else are you going to give up next?”

Council members Charles Allen and Mayor Pro Tempore Dillard Burnette voted in favor of settling, while Brian Carico and Wesley Carter voted against it.

Mayor Jack Warren broke the tie, voting in favor.

Those who voted for the settlement said the city and taxpayers could not bear the high cost and that they had been told the city would not win.

Burnette thanked the veterans there, but said, “There’s no win in this situation.”

Legal fees climbing

According to a press release issued by the city, King had already incurred more than $50,000 in legal fees and costs and estimated that litigation costs would have approached $2 million, exceeding the city’s $1 million insurance coverage. The city was also facing the loss of that insurance coverage if the matter proceeded to trial, according to the release.

Carter and Carico spoke in defense of their position against the settlement but said they had no hard feelings toward their other council members.

Carter said, “But I do feel that this city has been sabotaged and has been bullied by folks that don’t believe what this community stands for.”

Carico got choked up as he talked about the sleepless nights he and other council members had endured.

Carico said he believed that the city did not do anything constitutionally wrong and that he could not vote to have anything removed. He also indicated that his Christian faith played a role in his decision.

Hewett, a U.S. Army veteran, sued the city in November 2012 in U.S. District Court in Greensboro, alleging that King officials had violated his constitutional rights by allowing the Christian flag to fly at the Veteran’s Memorial in the city’s Central Park.

Hewett asked a federal judge to bar the city from allowing the display of the Christian flag at the memorial, from displaying the statue of the soldier kneeling at a cross and from sponsoring religious activities at events at the site.

In July, U.S. District Court Judge James A. Beaty Jr. barred the city from promoting Christianity at ceremonies but ruled that the Christian flag and statue issues could go to trial.

The city and Hewett have since been in discussions about the possibility of settling.

Flap brewed for years

Gregory Lipper of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, one of Hewett’s attorneys, said Tuesday night, “We’re pleased that the city council voted to approve the settlement agreement.”

He said they will file a motion to dismiss the lawsuit and have the court enter the settlement agreement as an order.

Hewett declined to comment Tuesday afternoon, referring questions to his attorneys.

The controversy over the Christian flag began in 2010 after a resident complained, and in September 2010 the King City Council voted 3-1 to remove the Christian flag from the memorial on the advice of its attorney. The council approved a limited public forum policy that December, a lottery procedure which determined who could fly a religious flag or no flag each week in honor of a veteran at the Veteran’s Memorial. The Christian flag flew there most weeks.

The flag had not flown there since last month. The city did not hold a flag lottery in December, while the council was weighing options.

The flag policy has now been repealed.

Burnette said the council hopes to replace the kneeling soldier statue with another soldier statue.

Under the agreement, the city’s insurance company, Scottsdale Insurance Company, will pay $500,001 to Americans United for Separation of Church and State for fees incurred by Hewett’s legal counsel.

The American Legion and American Legion Post 290 of King was allowed to join the lawsuit as defendant-intervenors, meaning their attorneys could argue their position in court if the lawsuit goes to trial, but they were not allowed to intervene in the settlement.

Don Holland, commander of the American Legion Post 290 in King, said after the meeting, “I’m extremely disappointed, but I don’t fault the city whatsoever.”

He said the city had no chance of winning it.

Public safety officials were prepared to make people sit outside if the room was packed, but it never got to that point. There were still a few free seats, King Fire Chief Steve Roberson said. Six supporters of the Christian flag and soldier statue spoke to the council during the public comment session.

“Please do everything you can to keep that flag up,” said Jack Westmoreland, a U.S. Air Force Veteran who said the names of seven veterans from his family are represented at the Veteran’s Memorial.

David Keaton, pastor of Missions Baptist Church in Winston-Salem and a King resident, said it was a sad day in King. He said God had blessed King, and that the city did not need to turn its back on Him.

    • The Flag And The Statue...Amadeus, Sat Feb 10 5:33pm
      ...could be relocated to church property in town, and given a proper context and a nice park setting where families would be invited to come and pay their respects. It absolutely can not be located... more
      • In God We TrustMondo Fuego™, Mon Feb 12 10:37pm
        Go find yourself another nation.
        • That motto...Poppet, Thu Feb 15 7:15am
 a constitutionally-dubious, Red Scare add-on from the mid-50's.
    • Which, of course, is why attorneys advised the King City Council that it had not a snowball's chance in hell of winning the lawsuit. "Those who voted for the settlement said the city and taxpayers... more
      • you're right we are a nation of harlots .yome, Sat Feb 10 1:19pm
        and I'm not talking about some poor woman that sells her body for drugs. I am talking about someone like yourself that may OR may NOT get a woman drunk or doped up; hooked on drugs to have sex with... more
        • its the truth.... wake up before its too late.
          • goes here. yome, Sat Feb 10 7:57pm
            its the truth.... please wake up before its too late. because Jesus is real and really does love you and your family.
            • To each their own, I guess.Poppet, Sun Feb 11 9:25am
              • rabbits and tigers together at the breakfast table...oh wait, they all were anorexic so no food was necessary for any of the furry guests I guess.
              • Yes, makes PERFECT sense.Sir Real, Sun Feb 11 11:14am
                And yet the doubters continue in alliance with the talking snake, freely partaking of the fruit of the infamous Tree of Knowledge: "The God of the Christians, for an apple, punished all the human... more
                • Re: Yes, makes PERFECT sense.yome, Sun Feb 11 4:12pm
                  this is what the fruit "you're talking about" brought on mankind. the knowledge of how to be wicked , selfish bitter envying and strife . 14But if ye have bitter envying and strife in your hearts,... more
                  • What Makes You Believe...Amadeus, Wed Feb 14 7:50am
                    ...that you represent this to anyone? But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without ... more
            • How gracious of you to offer your beliefs to sooth your calling everyone in the USA names. Is that what Jesus would do? Is that His love?
        • No, we are not a "whore nation."Sir Real, Sat Feb 10 1:26pm
          Rather, you are a whore individual and an utterly insane one. You would do well to speak for yourself in the future. I do hope you remembered to wipe after that display of explosive diarrhea.
          • so you're ok with men getting women hooked on drugs to have sex with them. ... yome, Sat Feb 10 7:54pm
            hell is very hot for folks like that ya know . Repent before its too late, because Jesus loves you and died on the cross to save you from your wicked self.
            • P.S.Sir Real, Sun Feb 11 5:16am
              Just to be clear, I did not utter one word to justify your lunatic raving, imbecile.
            • ooh be afraidTrish, Sun Feb 11 4:33am
              your example is stupid and makes you sound like a homeless guy standing on a corner in tattered clothe foaming at the mouth about fire and brimstone. I find it interesting that Satan and Hell get... more
            • Thank youSir Real, Sat Feb 10 8:18pm
              for posting your daily affirmation. Ever cracked any mirrors reciting it?
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