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I wonder if either Korea will "build a wall" for their fear
Sun Feb 11, 2018 3:43am

of the other. You know, like Trump fears. Ask him how the Berlin or Great Wall of China worked out.

It has now been a longer time since the Berlin Wall was destroyed by people tired of living in fear than the wall existed, yet we're being told to pay for a 2000 mile Trump wall because so many live in fear that some immigrant might wish to live here like our ancestors.

Name any country that started migrating to the US, that was not protested by the immigrants who previously came here. They didn't want any of "that" countries people, but the country their folk immigrated from was ok because their parents killed many original Americans already here. Not one ever coming here were not objected to by previous immigrants. Most Americans lost their fear of immigrants when they realize they too are immigrants nobody wanted in the US. Our fear of others is being reignited by the racist leadership we have now that wishes to keep out people a little tiny bit different then themselves. How American and Un-American at the same time caused by two faced leadership.

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