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State of the Climate Debate - Prof Judith Curry
Mon Feb 12, 2018 4:09pm

Not just another climate scientist, but one of the FOUNDERS of modern Climatology.


    • Know Your Science-Deniers... Judith CurryAmadeus, Tue Feb 13 12:30pm
      • Those who disparage her cannot criticize her effectively, so they resort to calumny. As an example of the stupidity of her critics, I give this quote from the website you link to. Scientist Mark... more
        • She Bought Into And Promoted...Amadeus, Tue Feb 13 1:41pm
          ...the "hiatus" argument. That's the kind of mistake that a good scientist doesn't make. And that's just one of her many problems. No, she's ruined her credibility. Amadeus
          • What is wrong with the climate hiatus?DFM, Tue Feb 13 4:17pm
            Here are the official satellite temperature data from the first thermal satellite until last month: The statement that there was a hiatus from 2001 until 2015 is obviously true. DFM
            • It Doesn't ExistAmadeus, Tue Feb 13 9:42pm
              The only way you can see a "hiatus" is when you begin your trend analysis with the spike, the warmest year, and go from there. That is a flawed way to analyze the trend in temperatures. When you use... more
              • You are using BAD DATA.DFM, Tue Feb 13 10:48pm
                NOAA has had the unmitigated GALL to retroactively change temperature measurements to make them conform to Global Warming hysteria. In all areas of Science except for Climate Science, when data... more
    • DFM
      • She is obviously a numb skull!PH✈️💨🌪EY, Tue Feb 13 4:10am
        One might suppose geoengneering is not in her lexicon. I suppose glaciers are disappearing because the climate is in a new ice age?
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