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Physics Nobel Laureate; "Global Warming" is Pseudoscience
Tue Feb 13, 2018 7:06pm

    • exist. Scientists questioning the accuracy of IPCC climate projections These scientists... more
      • ROFLMAO...Amadeus, Wed Feb 14 8:07pm
        I picked one name to start with. Why I bother, I do not know, since you don't seem to bother, but hey, surely I'm going to discover that you've got something, right? John Christy. I've never heard of ... more
        • "In the correct field?" That is crap.DFM, Thu Feb 15 4:12pm
          Science is a far reaching area of endeavor. It is simply false that only "Climate Scientists" have a right to a professional opinion on the subject. For one thing, very few "Climate Scientists" have... more
          • You Misunderstand...Amadeus, Thu Feb 15 9:33pm
            I wasn't saying that scientists from other fields can't have important things to say about a field that isn't their main area of expertise. However, when I am faced with a list of sources to look at, ... more
            • Also, if you want to look at INTELLIGENT criticism, look at anything by Judith Curry. DFM
              • Curry Embraced The Hiatus Argument...Amadeus, Fri Feb 16 1:14pm
                ...when it was evident that the hiatus argument was bogus. Several experts responded to the hiatus argument almost immediately, showing how it only worked via cherry-picking data for the trend... more
                • It is not evident to ME either.DFM, Sat Feb 17 4:31pm
                  The hiatus appears to be real from satellite data, as I have shown here several times. Judith Curry is honest enough and courageous enough to challenge the alarmists. I admire her for it. DFM PS:... more
                  • Try This SIte...Amadeus, Sat Feb 17 8:53pm
           This page gives some excellent information on why global warming is anthropogenic. And the site has a lot of useful... more
    • And A Little Digging...Amadeus, Wed Feb 14 7:56am
      "I am not really terribly interested in global warming. Like most physicists I don't think much about it. But in 2008 I was in a panel here about global warming and I had to learn something about it. ... more
      • "SkepticalScience.Com" Really?DFM, Wed Feb 14 3:21pm
        You must be kidding. DFM
      • Meanwhile, the "climate" has been about the same for me over the years. But, they never gave me a Nobel "Piece" Prize like they did BoZoBaMa for being a Negro with very little in the way of... more
      • Typically disingenuous.SES, Wed Feb 14 10:22am
        So in 2008 he looked into Climate Change, and was horrified by what he learned. To then imply, as this asinine alarmist Zealot website does, that he never looked into it any further, is so incredibly ... more
        • And Yet...Amadeus, Wed Feb 14 11:50am
          ...with all the research, he apparently still hasn't understood some of the basics. His claims have been thoroughly debunked. Even other physicists piled on. As with Curry, you could go with... more
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