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100% of Illegal Immigrants have committed a crime. (nm)
Wed Feb 14, 2018 5:58am (XFF:

  • ...than native born. For those interested in the facts surrounding this issue, the article below links to several studies to support this conclusion.... more
    • 100% of Illegal Immigrants have committed a crime. (nm) — SES, Wed Feb 14 5:58am
    • My sources disagree.DFM, Tue Feb 13 10:35pm
      The principal reason for your delusion is the warped crime record-keeping for reasons of "Political Correctness". In short, your rose colored glasses are lying to you once again. Illegal aliens are... more
      • Your Source...Amadeus, Wed Feb 14 11:44am more
        • like NOT finding out if suspects are illegal aliens or not, those statistics are suspect. DFM
          • Who Told You...Amadeus, Wed Feb 14 5:22pm
            ...that the statistics were compiled with political bias? Who told you they didn't differentiate? Was it Lott? Was it publications by his group? Again, you have lots of experts in the subject, and... more
    • Illegal Immigration might only be a misdemeanor or infraction, but it's still a crime. Maybe they are less likely to commit violent crimes: The council analyzed data from the Census’ 2010 American... more
      • Actually...Amadeus, Tue Feb 13 9:26pm
        Those who overstay visas aren't even misdemeanor offenders. Their infractions have civil penalties, not criminal penalties. The point I was making was that illegal immigrants are not more likely to... more
          • I Don't Know Why You're Sorry, But...Amadeus, Wed Feb 14 8:05am
            ...that wasn't a claim I made, nor the point I was making. I'll clarify it for you. Once an illegal immigrant is here, they are less likely to commit further crimes than those who are native born.... more
            • overall if they were not here ILLEGALLY. Kate Steinle would still be alive. Two Deputies in California would still be alive. Thousands of others would still be alive. Thousands of addicts would not... more
            • that engaging in an act that violates the law is ILLEGAL regardless of the type of penalties... Certainly the study that you chose says that they commit fewer crimes after their initial legal... more
              • Apparently? What Other Studies?Amadeus, Wed Feb 14 9:04am
                It is sorry that you don't grasp the very simple concept that engaging in an act that violates the law is ILLEGAL regardless of the type of penalties... That's simply inaccurate. Of course, I... more
                • So, in your perspective...Sprout, Wed Feb 14 9:21am
                  How does someone who CANNOT work in the country LEGALLY engage in work to make a living without violating a law? At least TRY to think on it.
                  • I Suspect...Amadeus, Wed Feb 14 9:53am
                    ...that there are a number of arrangements they make, once they are here. I-9 falsification is a crime, so those who do that to get a job are committing a second crime. However, there is a loophole... more
                    • LOL.... "arrangements"...Sprout, Wed Feb 14 11:12am
                      Even if they work as an independent contractor and do not have to fill out that form it does not make their WORK anything other than ILLEGAL. Yes they bypass a REPORTING requirement, but that doesn't ... more
                      • Oh Look, You Failed To Answer My Questions...Amadeus, Wed Feb 14 11:29am
                        It's hard to have a conversation without a partner who participates in good faith. You know, you might be able to make a case that if an illegal immigrant gets a Coke out of a vending machine, they... more
                        • Ah.... so you decide that once theySprout, Wed Feb 14 2:14pm
                          enter illegally, then every other offense related in some way to their initial offense should not be considered a crime..... Interesting... Not particularly surprising that if you use THAT math that... more
                          • Still No Response?Amadeus, Wed Feb 14 5:23pm
                            You used to be better than that, Sprout. Amadeus
                            • LOL.... Sprout, Thu Feb 15 4:41am
                              Questions so easy... Is enforcing the law beneficial to the safety and security of the community? YES... Look at what has happened in NY when they decided to ignore such 'minor' offenses... Teaching... more
                              • A Reminder...Amadeus, Thu Feb 15 8:51am
                                Is the forging of an I-9 form (or other similar means of obtaining employment by violating immigration law) something that decreases the safety of a community? Is it reasonable to assume that as we... more
                                • How many times do I have to say it...Sprout, Thu Feb 15 11:59am
                                  You want us to pretend that engaging in such so called 'victimless' crimes in no way results in an overall disregarding of the law. Yes, it is reasonable to assume that they have violated immigration ... more
        • Who cares? What's your point? They shouldn't be here.Mondo Fuego™, Wed Feb 14 2:02am
          What about that don't you understand?
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