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The View and Joy Behar
Wed Feb 14, 2018 11:43am

thought she was having fun intending to demean Vice President Pence and his comments about prayer, but instead revealed her ignorance and insulting all Christians. As is often the case the Bible speaks directly to this kind of 'reproach'. (Ironic that I was doing a word study on 'revile', not related to Joy's outburst.)

"But these men revile the things which they do not understand, and the things which they know by instinct, like unreasoning animals, by these things they are destroyed." Jude 1:10 New American Standard

and another version:

"Whatever these people don't understand, they insult. Like animals, which are creatures of instinct, they use whatever they know to destroy themselves." Jude 1:10 God's Word Translation

    • That's Interesting...Amadeus, Wed Feb 14 11:53am
      I am often reviled/insulted by people who I am certain have difficulty understanding the topics we're talking about. They seem to think that insult is a completely appropriate way to operate. How... more
      • you are actuallyTrish, Wed Feb 14 3:37pm
        agreeing with them and they still grumble.. my goodness.
        • Where do you see "agreement"? It's all about Hammer.Mondo Fuego™ , Thu Feb 15 10:08am
          All Hammer responses to any post quickly threadjack and make the topic about him. And, then you jump in, defend him, trash his opponent, and make it all about you. Strange behavior. Co-dependency?
          • Attack? Do you have a "thing" for Shadow?Trish, Thu Feb 15 2:08pm
            my discourse was courteous and on point. There was no threadjack here. You are seeing wolves in every corner. It doesn't matter what he says - you will hate it. He could tell you he loves Trump and... more
            • But to answer your question, I respect shadow. I do not respect Hammer. How does Trump fit into your contorted diatribe? I don't have a problem ... I am merely an interested bystander observing... more
              • you can disrespect someoneTrish, Fri Feb 16 5:32am
                and they could still (egad) be RIGHT my point is that here you have someone agreeing with shadow's stance and your only reason for making a muckery out of it is because you "do not respect" that... more
        • from his bag of usual tricks.
          • so you are NOT sayingTrish, Thu Feb 15 4:59am
            that people don't insult what they do not understand? We certainly see that all the time here. Why would it be different in politics (or any human sphere for that matter) That is certainly what... more
            • Read it in context.shadow, Thu Feb 15 8:13am
              Who are the parties spoken of. Clue: not just anybody - in this text. It's not about Amadeus and his experience, nor about this board.
              • (in the case of Amadeus) can certainly reflect on the validity of the scriptural claim. I mean Joy B was one person who illustrated the idea, and Amadeus supported the idea from experience. I know... more
                • Why do you have to rush in like 'Mommy' and defend him ...Mondo Fuego™ , Thu Feb 15 10:03am
                  ... while attacking shadow? Curious behavior. Co-dependency?
                  • PS why do YOU always rush inTrish, Thu Feb 15 2:46pm
                    like the playground bully? You randomly decide who has a valid argument and who does not. You also make snitty remarks that are rude, arrogant and flagrantly childish. Before you ask why I might... more
                  • why don't you address my pointTrish, Thu Feb 15 2:06pm
                    instead of being an ass? I did NOT attack whatsoever. I pointed out the commonalities in the posts and how they were relevant. If that's what you consider "attacking" -- you are a snowflake that's... more
                    • TrishShadow, Thu Feb 15 4:03pm
                      You’re making a fool of yourself because you don’t understand the o.p. at all, but doing that thing you like to do where you jump in with what you think about, being completely off point and doing... more
                      • then by all means stopTrish, Thu Feb 15 8:51pm
                        the OP ed was about a woman who made a fool of herself because of anger or confusion or prejudice I replied to your retort that one person's experience (who happens to agree with your view) isn't... more
                        • the context because you don’t know what it is.
                          • Your Post...Amadeus, Thu Feb 15 9:37pm
                            The View and Joy Behar thought she was having fun intending to demean Vice President Pence and his comments about prayer... Demeaning VP Pence. Demeaning his comments about prayer. So, you applied... more
                            • The specific person (and issue) under attackshadow, Fri Feb 16 9:34am
                              was a Christian; the one doing the attack was not. That's part of the context.
                              • While The Passage...Amadeus, Fri Feb 16 12:17pm
                                ...applied the principle in that context, the principle itself isn't claimed as exclusive to that context - even in the passage. And while I'm Christian, I don't think I'm usually attacked for my... more
        • Well, That's The Thing About InsultsAmadeus, Wed Feb 14 5:16pm
          You live like that and they get inside you, twist you up, and change you. We've seen it before, many times. Amadeus
      • There you go again.shadow, Wed Feb 14 1:06pm
        This verse is about those who reproach the Bible, Biblical living, Biblical truth. That disqualifies you, big boy as an application of the truth of the verse. Once again making it all about you, when ... more
      • It's mainly because you insult their intelligence with ...Mondo Fuego™, Wed Feb 14 12:58pm
        ... your off-the-wall chatter. Meanwhile, you picture yourself as an authoritative discussion leader. You lost your butt in discussions of abortion, origin of personhood, and immorality among... more
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