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A Reminder...
Thu Feb 15, 2018 8:51am (XFF:

Is the forging of an I-9 form (or other similar means of obtaining employment by violating immigration law) something that decreases the safety of a community?

Is it reasonable to assume that as we are attempting to compare the impact on the community of illegal immigrants vs. native born people that we would accept that illegal immigrants are, in fact, illegal immigrants and as such have violated immigration law?

Would it be pedantic to harp on the fact that they violate immigration law when that is not really relevant to the point being made?


  • LOL.... Sprout, Thu Feb 15 4:41am
    Questions so easy... Is enforcing the law beneficial to the safety and security of the community? YES... Look at what has happened in NY when they decided to ignore such 'minor' offenses... Teaching... more
    • A Reminder... — Amadeus, Thu Feb 15 8:51am
      • How many times do I have to say it...Sprout, Thu Feb 15 11:59am
        You want us to pretend that engaging in such so called 'victimless' crimes in no way results in an overall disregarding of the law. Yes, it is reasonable to assume that they have violated immigration ... more
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