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Palestinians Blast Arab World’s Inaction, Which ‘Encouraged
Sun Mar 11, 2018 2:57pm

US Jerusalem Decision’

One of the most amusing events in the History of the Israel-Palestine conflict was when the Pals stabbed Kuwait in the back. Kuwait had been providing the Pals with more support than any other Arab state, both in jobs and in direct aid. So, when Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990, and every single Arab country (beside Iraq, of course) condemned the invasion, the Pals supported Saddam Hussein. Arafat believed Saddam Hussein's braggadocio and expected that Iraq would "liberate" Palestine and drive the Jews into the Sea. You would think that he would know better than to place any trust in an Arab politician, especially one with Saddam Hussein's record of perfidy.

After Saddam got his clock cleaned, ALL Pals were expelled from Kuwait, and all aid was halted. Jobs formerly held by Pals were given to other foreigners. Many Arab states followed suit after seeing just how much loyalty they would get back for providing Palestine with tens of billions of dollars. This loss of Arab support was the beginning of the Palestinian financial crisis which worsens every day. Arafat was SUCH a political genius. What was even more amusing was the fact that, after Arafat's gross blunder, they did not replace him.

The Palestinians are learning they are alone fighting the US and its foreign policy.

The Palestinians are angry at the Arab world’s lack of action in response to President Donald Trump’s historic recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad Malki on Thursday decried the Arabs’ “failure to carry out their decisions over the past decades” which he claimed “has encouraged the United States to continue with its unfortunate approach and to make its decision on Jerusalem.”

The Arab countries have repeatedly threatened to cut diplomatic ties with any country that recognizes Jerusalem as capital of Israel or move its embassy there. However, when the US made that decision in December, no Arab action was taken against it other than to condemn it in statements or by voting in favor of a United Nations General Assembly resolution denouncing the US move.

The Arab countries, however, appear to be preoccupied with other matters. For now, the Palestinians are getting much lip service from their Arab brothers, but see no real action on their behalf.

Unlike the Palestinians, the Arab countries are obviously not interested in ruining their relations with the US administration.

The Palestinians were hoping that the Arab and Islamic countries’ response to Trump’s December 6 decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital would be much tougher. The very least the Palestinians were expecting was that these countries would respond by expelling the US ambassadors or shutting US embassies in Arab and Islamic capitals. This, of course, did not happen, much to the dismay of the Palestinians, who feel that they have been once again abandoned by their Arab and Muslim brothers.

The Pals have the unmitigated gall to condemn their betrayal by the Arab states after their double-cross of Kuwait. Nothing that they did either before or since has caused more loss of support by the Arab states.


    • "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" Too goddamned stupid to know when they have lost. DFM
      • Technique failure really...Sprout, Mon Mar 12 1:31pm
        Tom Clancy wrote about it in his novel "Sum of All Fears". He posits an environment where the Palestinians FULLY embraced non-violent protest a la Martin Luther King. Even staging a sit in and... more
        • Wonder no more.Sir Real, Mon Mar 12 10:34pm
          It DID NOT work. Your post assumes that the Palestinians did not give the "technique" of peaceful resistance a chance. They gave it every chance in the world. It merely brought the bully further out... more
          • Really quiet... SureSprout, Tue Mar 13 11:44am
            Through the 1950s, Jordan and Egypt supported the Palestinian Fedayeen militants' cross-border attacks into Israel, while Israel carried out reprisal operations in the host countries. The 1956 Suez... more
            • What you instead should have googled ...Sir Real, Wed Mar 14 5:58am
              ... is events pertaining to the years 1967 to 1987, that is to say a period in history actually germane to the discussion. Israel's occupation: 50 years of Palestinian oppression After 50 years of... more
              • Yeah, a really peaceful time... LOLSprout, Wed Mar 14 9:51am
                "Palestinian insurgency in South Lebanon peaked in the early 1970s, as Lebanon was used as a base to launch attacks on northern Israel and airplane hijacking campaigns worldwide, which drew Israeli... more
          • I would say that the claim that theSprout, Tue Mar 13 5:29am
            first 20 years were without violence is false.
            • I would, too, if I were nitpicking the claim.Sir Real, Tue Mar 13 5:45am
              When has any country that's ever existed ever known 20 years of absolute tranquility?
              • dismissing violence that we don't want to count?
                • Nope.Sir Real, Tue Mar 13 11:14am
                  I am not aware of any particular incidents of violence for the location and time period being discussed (and you yourself have imparted to me no knowledge of any such incidents) and so I could... more
                  • Here.... Google is impressive isn't it..Sprout, Tue Mar 13 11:44am
                    Through the 1950s, Jordan and Egypt supported the Palestinian Fedayeen militants' cross-border attacks into Israel, while Israel carried out reprisal operations in the host countries. The 1956 Suez... more
                  • Certainnly routine crime would continue...Sprout, Tue Mar 13 11:39am
                    Nowhere did I say otherwise. I just don't buy the claim that there was no violence between Palestinians and Israeli's.
        • to the Palestinian culture of solving all problems by violence. DFM
    • The more that the Muslims move away from radical Wahhabi Islam, the closer peace comes.... more
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    • Given that you find amusement ...Sir Real, Mon Mar 12 6:35am
      ... in double-crossings of the politico-financial variety, you might well get a belly laugh out of the following: "The lesson of the cold-blooded attack [by Israel] on the [USS] Liberty [during Day 4 ... more
    • They don't like a Jewish state in what they view as the Muslim world. But they know the cost of DIRECTLY engaging Israel is too high. So, they engage in proxy wars. Most of the other Arab states... more
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