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Mondo Fuego™
Why isn't Herr Mueller prosecuting Stormy for Blackmail?
Tue Apr 10, 2018 6:57am

Hush money is prima facie evidence of blackmail and extortion.

Perhaps she could also be prosecuted for prostitution.

    • firstTrish, Tue Apr 10 9:22am
      from what we've seen she was OFFERED this money - she did not demand it. Additionally she was not caught acting as prostitute, and in this situation there was no payment for sex involved.
      • Where have we "seen" any of this. We have only heard ...Mondo Fuego™, Tue Apr 10 3:32pm
        ... what she said, and there's no reason at this point to believe her. How many prostitutes are actually caught in the act of having sex? Virtually all arrests and prosecutions for prostitution are... more
      • Trouble Trouble... That's Double...Amadeus, Tue Apr 10 12:03pm
        In NY, it is a crime to commit adultery, which Trump was doing with Stormy. In NY, it is a crime to enter into a contract to cover up a crime, which Trump did with the NDA. In NY, it is a crime to... more
      • She was offered the money?Mondo Fuego™ , Tue Apr 10 10:45am
        LMAO! Think before you respond! Why would anyone offer $130,000 for sex unless there was a threat of blackmail?
        • I am surprised they didn't offer her moreTrish, Tue Apr 10 4:19pm
          and she said she would return it. So I am in wait and see mode on both sides.
          • Was that the first offer? Or the final?Sprout, Wed Apr 11 6:18pm
            If she negotiates for a higher offer does that make it blackmail? Seems an odd number for an initial offer. I would think an initial offer would be more of a round number. 50K or 100K... and actually ... more
            • possiblyTrish, Thu Apr 12 6:31pm
              I am just looking at the stakes. The offer was high but not for a contender for the highest office in the nation who, himself, has HUGE pockets and a lot of "history" We may not see the whole truth... more
      • Odd screwiness of our laws....Sprout, Tue Apr 10 10:32am
        It is illegal (for the most part) to pay someone to have sex... Unless it is to pay someone to have sex on camera.... Then it's OK... How weird is that? To me, prostitution is essentially a... more
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