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Mondo Fuego™
Diamond and Silk deleted from FarceBook
Wed Apr 11, 2018 12:09pm

Diamond and Silk, who had more than a million followers on FarceBook, were deleted because they fell into a category of "terrorism", according to testimony before Congress by its CEO.

FarceBook is leftwing, racist, bigoted, anti-American monopoly that grossly violates privacy rights while it censors political adversaries.

In the ongoing congressional hearings with Marked Suckerberg, it has become abundantly clear that FarceBook and YouTube both are radical leftwing anti-Trump lobbying entities and political Super PACs that seek to influence elections.

They censor conservative and Republican individuals and organizations, they routinely delete and/or block their accounts and posts, and they flood their followers with leftwing political propaganda in an attempt to influence federal, state and local elections.

As such, they should be fully investigated by the crooked DoJ and FBI, and severely fined by the Federal and State Election Commissions.

Suckerberg and arrogant sidekick Cheryl Sandberg should be criminally prosecuted for repeated violations. All the little dweebs can say is "I'm sorry".

    • Did Facebook violate any laws?Ken C, Thu Apr 12 6:21am
      Is there any law against being biased? I never heard of Diamond and Silk until reading your post and reading a few headlines about them.
      • Yes, but that would be up to Congress & DoJ to determineMondo Fuego™, Thu Apr 12 9:18am
        ... It is extremely discriminatory, politically incorrect, bigoted and racist to delete the pages of a highly-popular and fun African-American pro-Trump team 'Diamond and Silk' that had over 1... more
      • Facebook, In Fact, Admitted...Amadeus, Thu Apr 12 8:15am
        ...that they were wrong to have shut down the pair. They had already reached out to them before posts were put up here. I think it is a damned if you do, damned if you don't prospect. People scream... more
        • Clarification...Amadeus, Fri Apr 13 8:22am
          Facebook still had concerns about their page, but they were not permanently banned. They just needed to work with Facebook to address the concerns. Amadeus
        • Hey, SmartAss, the D&S web site is still down.Mondo Fuego™, Thu Apr 12 9:14pm
          You are so full of shit. Punk ass bitch!@
        • oddly I find it disingenuous Trish, Thu Apr 12 6:23pm
          that people who have watched Republican nomination hearings and inquiries with persons who reply time and time again "I do not recall" but get on Z's ass for saying he'd have to check with staff on... more
          • No, Mr Bond, I expect Suckerberg to be a DumbAss DweebMondo Fuego™, Thu Apr 12 9:13pm
            What a little "I'm Sorry" little pussy. "I will get back with you because I don't know what the fu ck is going on in my perverse organization. (Heh heh heh (we hate conservatives, Christians, blacks, ... more
        • He acts like a stupid little grade school boy who is sent to the principal's office for throwing spitballs. And his arrogant little sidekick Shamberg talks down to people as if she is some kind of... more
        • individuals thousands of times, mostly conservative individuals, politicians, groups and religious institutions. They are no different than the bakery that discriminated against a queer couple. If... more
    • They ARE the Globalist Agenda!PH👁🐍👁EY, Wed Apr 11 1:01pm
      The takeover of Babylon includes at the top of their hit list any 'nationalist sentimentalities.' They certainly do got give a shiva about the 1,000.000 who followed the Diamond and Silk channel. Now ... more
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