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Change what needs changin'
Sat May 12, 2018 10:08pm

Our individual psychological health is extremely important to society.

Do you want to live a happy life and create a happy environment for those around you? Ditch politics and try to eliminate all negativity in your life. DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY. Reconnect with nature. Turn off the T.V and unplug from the internet, go outside. Something as simple as dedicating an hour of your day watching birds, or insect’s working together peacefully and living in harmony can replenish the soul. We could learn a lot from an ant, bird or beetle. Nature used to guide us, but not anymore.

Politics is poison to the soul it slowly destroys us from within. Don’t allow that monstrosity in Washington DC or the corrupt media to control you. If we eliminate everything toxic in our lives it’ll make us better people.

Also, hug your kids and tell them EVERYDAY you love them.

“Rigid polarization is toxic to our countries and ourselves. If we could establish as overriding human goals to foster mutual respect, empathy, tolerance and compromise on personal levels as well as in national and international forums, our lives would be enhanced and our personal and public worlds would be much safer.”

    • I agree.
    • Excellentwondering, Sun May 13 6:10am
      I agree wholeheartedly, especially with the last sentence. We may not be able to eliminate "everything" toxic in our lives, but we can turn off the TV and the phone and reconnect with nature and our... more
      • Yes, me too. Agree with Roy.GOG, Sun May 13 6:52am
        But one caveat regarding your comment about voting. Insofar as the national presidential contest of "Pete and repete, it's a waste of time. Two evil candidates doth not a choice make.
        • Well...wondering, Sun May 13 7:33am
          that candidates are demonized is part of the propaganda problem, IMO. Some may be more or less honest or desirable than others, but few are actually "evil"... at least I would hope not. I hope that... more
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