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I think I am done
Wed May 16, 2018 6:15pm

which will make most here very happy. I am simply tired of the hate in the name of religion, of the lies in the name of politics and good people arguing over it all as if it would make one bit of difference (yes that includes me)

I give up.

I am a tiny voice who is simply trying to find ways to keep her family alive (literally).
I am a tiny voice that actually gives a shit about other little guys
I am a tiny voice that knows not every "big guy" is a "bad guy" but it's becoming very hard to separate the two depending on your party affiliation.
I am a tiny voice... and perhaps no voice at all. Maybe one person really can't make a difference. I see why younger people have lost hope.

At the end of this week I will drop out. I know many will cheer "ding dong the witch is dead" well, maybe she is.

In any case, I'm not looking for anything here - I just wanted to say goodby so those of you who do care won't worry.

I wish you all well, even those that frustrate the hell out of me, but I can't do this anymore. I'll be on FB with doggies and kitties and fluffy stuff that doesn't make me cry myself to sleep wondering what kind of world I have brought my kids into.

Ken you have been a trooper. I do not know how you managed so long. Poppet I think I will miss you most but I believe you still know how to find me if you wish.

Take care, hug your kids, tell people you love them and put down your cell phone at dinner


    • Oh, I get itBK, Fri May 18 2:26pm
      I return and you leave. ;) FWIW, I get it, and taking a break is a good idea at times. Hope to see you back here some day - if not, no judgment shall be forthcoming from me . BK
    • It may be time for others to leave tooMondo Fuego™, Thu May 17 11:00am
      Especially the newly-arrived cowardly monster bastard "Check Your Ego", who hides behind ever-changing European proxy servers. A real slime bag from "CNV" days who is in and out of prison routinely.... more
    • I've Learned...Amadeus, Thu May 17 7:55am try not to deal in absolutes. So, if we see you here again, so much the better, and we won't let anyone make hay of the fact that you said you were done. It's your call. Take all the time you... more
      • Spoken as if you own the board.Mondo Fuego™ , Fri May 18 7:14am
        Well, I can understand. After your failed board fiasco, you blighted and crapped up this one with your DNR nonsense, so maybe you feel you have ownership here. Delusions of adequacy lead to fantasy.
    • Can't say I blame you.Poppet, Thu May 17 6:38am
      So much nasty personal invective between (a handful) of posters, so much politics (which ruins everything it touches), so much repetitive didactic inanity... I may be done, too. Thank you for the... more
    • Can't imagine whySir Real, Thu May 17 4:40am
      you would think your leaving the board would please most here. Seems it's not making anyone's day at all. May karma bring you all that you deserve. Peace.
    • Re: I think I am doneDana, Thu May 17 1:24am
      that's funny,lol sweetie i'm tired too,i don't blame you. yep you deserve better.i hope the vacum this creates flows with love, that get get closer to the peace you crave. enjoy what brings you... more
    • Sorry to see you goEnnui, Wed May 16 9:49pm
      but I do understand. Take care and be well.
    • I'll miss you, Trish.shadow, Wed May 16 9:09pm
      We often disagreed, but yours was a fresh voice. We're all tiny voices and I doubt that any of us make a difference - except when we are kind and speak the truth in love, not hate or anger. I wish... more
    • You will be missed by me, for sure. (nm)DFM, Wed May 16 7:49pm
    • Don’t lose touchJeeves, Wed May 16 7:12pm
      There are other boards, and you could even fire up the cooking bbs. You don’t need a lot of traffic to justify it; it can be a contact area as well as food.
    • Don't take this so seriously.G😰G, Wed May 16 6:28pm
      While much of the state of affairs, political and religious, is serious stuff, just remember it's a human nature to discuss that which as individuals we have no control. Short of a massive... more
      • I wish I couldTrish, Wed May 16 6:38pm
        but that's not the way I've lived or how I've brought up my kids. So I either admit that I am an abject useless number in the game and stop trying, or I keep up this facade and make myself even more... more
        • Well no one should maintainGOG, Thu May 17 6:19am
          a facade. When posting I have found just letting it all hang out does wonders for both me and my detractors. Besides, it's all fluid born in the infinity of forever. Tis a dream and never real... more
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