Check your Ego
Billy D is a repeat offender. This old man playing victim
Wed May 16, 2018 11:07pm

and begging for help from the mod when everyone here has witnessed years of your tawdry tantrums is just too hilarious for words!!! You sniveling sissy. I am sure Ken is letting me beat you up just to give you a taste of your own medicine...until he gets bored with it.

  • while ankle-biting and trolling. "neato" "Dr Phil" "An observation" "Well you know..." "Check your Ego" proxies (northern Ireland) &... more
    • Live and let live ... be nice to each other.Ken C, Thu May 17 10:18pm
      That's good advice I copied from your forum. (I don't always follow all my advice, so I'm just trying to politely remind you of your advice.) I'm still very busy with work and other stuff.
      • ... while you let all these other hostile shits abuse me, you little hypocrite. If you had any substance, you would be doing something great in life instead of driving people around LA like a poor... more
        • people like me are alsoTrish, Fri May 18 4:39am
          leaving because your behavior hasn't been ... um substantive. running round and insulting people (including me) isn't exactly "great" ken has been kind. He has said repeatedly that he often keeps... more
        • Somebody call the WHAAAAAAAABULANCE!Your Blood Pressure, Thu May 17 11:55pm
          You are the shit here, Billy D. The only reason Ken does not permanently ban you is because you will use proxies to trash this board just like you do others. You're an old man flailing away on a... more
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