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Egypt kills hundreds in Sinai while World is silent.
Thu May 17, 2018 3:54am

Nobody even noticed how many people Egypt has killed in its recent operation in Sinai. Egypt is doing exactly what Israel is doing a few miles away, but there is no international criticism. There are clearly TWO standards: One for Israel and another for all other counties.

Their deaths bring the total of those killed since the beginning of the operation to at least 296 including 35 military personnel, according to Reuters calculations based on military statements.


    • The reader doesn't get halfway through the linked article's first sentence before encountering the three-word phrase that screams THE fundamental, enormous difference between what Egypt is doing and... more
    • Silent only because the MSMG🔯🇺🇸🔯G, Thu May 17 6:06am
      fails to report it. Otherwise it's all the same. Two fronts on each side of Gaza's inhabitants. A turkey shoot.
    • anti-Israel yellow journalism. No joy from the US media on Jerusalem's big day A resentful and gloomy media sounds off the day after... more
      • Don't you feel sorry for them? The short-story and screenwriter Etgar Keret, who clicked compulsively on a news site watching in horror as the death toll climbed, said he was taken aback by the... more
        • You can be sure of one thing. Israeli soldiers KNOW that if Hamas were to succeed, EVERY single Jew in Israel would be murdered. When people are trying to kill you and your family, it is not hard to... more
      • Get real. NYT is owned byG🔯G, Thu May 17 6:10am
        Israeli-firsters. But there are situations even they cannot stomach. But Israel gets a lot of free flattering press. And Judith Miller did wonders for PNAC. The NYT was the major coverup artist for... more
      • I especially liked this NYT line:DFM, Thu May 17 4:23am
        “Gas pipelines in Gaza were seriously damaged during Palestinian protests.” Yes, they were. But by whom. UFOs? The Tooth Fairy. NYT leaves it open so readers can presume that Israel did it. In... more
        • You want PR perfection.G🔯G, Thu May 17 6:12am
          It's not possible. But the NYT is doing a great job for your zealous mania.
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