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Not workable in the way that you present it.
Thu May 17, 2018 8:39pm

Suppose company X makes drug A.

It costs X $0.10 to make each pill.

X has a patent on the drug, so nobody else can make or sell it.

X charges $100 per pill, an insane markup.

So, government decides to set the price at $0.25 per pill.

Company X simply ceases to make the drug and nobody else can make it. Patients die, but company X does not care and the patients can no longer obtain drug A at all.

Here is a way that makes sense: Change patent law to remove the exclusive right to manufacture the drug and replace it with a right to charge royalties to any producer that wants to make it. Royalty percentage is set at 50% of sale price.

Then Teva (world's largest generic drug company, located in Israel) can make the drug and sell it for whatever it wants to, so long as it pays company X one-half of the wholesale price.

Teva then puts the pill on the market for $0.50 per pill and pays X $0.25 per pill. Now the pill IS available at a far lower cost, 200 times lower. This is workable.

Company X cannot insist that Teva cease and desist manufacture (which it CAN demand under current law). All company X can do is to collect its $0.25 per pill.


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