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Mondo Fuego™
That's BS & U know it. Ken can go back and read them here.
Fri May 18, 2018 7:11am

What's so damn interesting about my posts that he has to log all of them in the meaningless "abuse database". It's a little game he plays.

As you can see, this newly-appearing "Check your ego" asshole has started trolling and stalking me out of the blue for no reason at all, and Ken does nothing about it.

Ken has his favorites … I ain't one of them.

If you found some of my posts to you "insulting", it may have been that you were "net-nannying" me about something, which you have consistently done over the years.

Why don't you have the balls to climb on Ojete Jeeves' ass for his insulting posts? Oh, that's right … you don't have any … you just try to act like you do … can't cut the old MS/NBC chat board moderator umbilical cord.

Tootles … have a nice retirement from the board. It may mean less conflict.

  • people like me are alsoTrish, Fri May 18 4:39am
    leaving because your behavior hasn't been ... um substantive. running round and insulting people (including me) isn't exactly "great" ken has been kind. He has said repeatedly that he often keeps... more
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