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I disagree. Gun ownership is a RIGHT guaranteed by out
Thu Jun 14, 2018 4:54pm

Constitution. UK has no formal written constitution. The House of Commons is supreme and subject to no restraint whatsoever. There is no separation of powers. Lords acts as a supreme court, but is itself subject to Commons. There is no formal bill of rights in the UK. Commons can remove rights at will. There is no truly free speech, since the Official Secrets Act is so vaguely written that anything that anybody says or publishes can be considered illegal.

The recent persecution of Tommy Robinson shows exactly how political correctness can quash free speech and expression.

We need our guns precisely to prevent the kind of high-handed abuse of power that has become prevalent in the UK of late.

Tommy Robinsonís Arrest Points to Britainís National Suicide
Freedom of speech has too few defenders in England when Islamic terrorism cannot be explained, critiqued, or shown for what it is

by Brigitte Gabriel | Updated 02 Jun 2018 at 9:54 PM

When anti-Islamist Tommy Robinson was arrested recently in Britain, it was the direct result of cultural suicide and a rejection of western Judeo-Christian values ó in place of political correctness and Islamic appeasement.

Along with its European allies, Britain has chosen submission over strength and tyranny over truth. The result has been the self-destruction of one of the greatest nations in the world.

For the high crime of streaming a Facebook Live video and covering an alleged Muslim rape gang entering a courtroom for trial, Robinson was arrested and detained by British police. In tyrannical fashion, the specific details of Robinsonís sentence remain hidden since a judge placed a gag order on the case, preventing reporters from covering it.

Think of it: A country finds merely filming an alleged child-grooming rape gang so offensive that it must jail those who do so.

Britain has placed more emphasis on silencing opponents of Islamism and unfettered immigration than it has on preventing Islamic terrorism, or the heinous crimes committed by Islamist gangs, such as the one Robinson was committed to exposing.

Robinson was surrounded by more than a half-dozen police officers ó who placed him under arrest for what they called "breach of peace." Really? Since when is using Facebook Live considered a "breach of peace"? Since the Islamism of Europe, apparently. This is what the radical Left and the Islamists they appease have so much in common with, their self-entitled desire to silence everyone they oppose.

Freedom of speech has come under relentless attack by the Islamist-leftist coalition in recent years, which seeks to bully and intimidate critics of open borders and Sharia law into submission. Once this anti-western coalition realized that screaming "Islamophobia" wasn't enough, they turned to more fascistic measures, such as speech codes.

In many ways, Robinson's arrest is merely an amplified extension of the "safe space" epidemic plaguing college campuses across America today. So-called hate speech has served as justification for shutting down open discourse and the free exchange of ideas, a fundamental pillar of western Judeo-Christian civilization, much like that of pre-Islamist Britain.


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