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Hamas threatens to send 5,000 burning kites into Israel
Thu Jun 14, 2018 5:40pm

Hamas marches down the road to total self-destruction. Damage has so far been light, but if further incendiary attacks cause serious damage and casualties, Hamas can expect an massive invasion of Gaza aimed at routing it once and for all time.

Eventually, the monkey will wake up the lion:


    • Not sure why..Roy , Thu Jun 14 7:06pm
      Not sure why Israel didnít eliminate HAMAS years ago. Had they nipped it in the bud it wouldnít be a problem now. HAMAS knows itís no match for Israel. Their objective is to turn the world against... more
      • Reason: Jews simply hate killing people.DFM, Fri Jun 15 6:26am
        They only do it when their back is to the wall. Until Hamas' provocation become unbearable, they will do little other than tit-for-tat. There IS some level that will anger Israel to the point that it ... more
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