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I hope the female Catholic Judge is Trump's pick.
Mon Jul 9, 2018 10:09am

From what I hear, the female Judge was previously confirmed with near if not a fully unanimous
Republican vote, along with several Democrat votes.

So it would be fun watching:

1. Libs who claim that Trump is a misogynist attacking a woman who Trump picked for one of the highest positions in the country.

2. Libs hinting (or flat out saying) that being a Christian should disqualify someone, when 90% of Americans identify themselves
as Christians.

3. Watch as Libs who previously voted for her, now scramble to find ways to "resist" by railing against her.

    • ...the President was going to nominate. Within about 10 minutes of the nomination, maybe less even, deranged lunatics on the Left were outside the Supreme Court building shrieking like banshees with... more
    • From Wikipedia On September 6, 1995, President Bill Clinton nominated Garland to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia seat vacated by his longtime mentor Abner J. Mikva.[14] The... more
      • ...I was watching -- either CNN or PMSNBC -- when some Lib Talking Head commented to the lone Republican that they were talking to that "If the reason for not considering Garland was that there was... more
        • But You See...Amadeus, Tue Jul 10 7:24pm
          #1 - Obama had 300 days left in his term. PLENTY of time to nominate and confirm a new justice. There is nothing in the Constitution about when a sitting president should no longer nominate a SCOTUS... more
          • #3 - He [McConnell] cited the "Biden Rule" - this was another bit of dishonesty. As I have explained, Biden was suggesting a postponement of hearings until after an election (if a vacancy happened),... more
            • In effect, they're almost exactly different....Lurking Grue, Thu Jul 12 12:37pm
              Biden wasn't saying that the nomination process should be put off until the next president was seated, that's all McConnell. Biden was saying that the nomination process might be delayed until after... more
              • ...should be put off until after the election to "avoid introducing election year conflict into an already rancorous process", then that would have been OK. But because McConnell instead gave a... more
                • No....Lurking Grue, Fri Jul 13 10:17am
                  If McConnell had been following the "Biden Rule" he would have given President Obama's nominee his hearing after the election.
    • I definitely want a Gentile. Too manyG✝🇺🇸✝G, Mon Jul 9 11:52am
      ZIONISTS on the court way out of proportion to the demographic.
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