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Why I believe in "miracles."
Sat Aug 11, 2018 11:48am

When an "obvious" breach of the laws of physics is observed by billions of people around the globe, especially so in Babylon, and is accepted at face value because NIST (National Institute of/for Standards and Technology) and the official 911 Omissions Commission headed by Zio-criminal Zelikow, the question has to be has the Vatican been petitioned for a declaration that said miracle is indeed...a miracle. Has the Pope been to Ground Zero? If not why not!! The Fatima Miracle was given the high honor. Yet it was a little peasant girl who saw the apparition. She might have eaten magic mushrooms for all one knows. And The Church waxes bonkers. Something is not kosher. How can one, and billions witness the laws of physics take a hiatus in NYC and still to this date of 17 years later no Hail Marys. Can anyone please explain this. But if you do seek to explain. rather than make a fool of yourself please watch the two attached brief videos:

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