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With credit to Matt Dillahunty for the concept....
Sun Aug 12, 2018 8:41am

When I die, I'll go to the "Pearly Gates".

Guard: "Hmmm. SES. SES. Ah! Here it is. So, you didn't believe?"

Me: "Nope. Never believed."

Guard: "Why not?"

Me: "Because I looked at all of the available evidence, and found none of it credible."

Guard: "Excellent! Well done! You have passed god's test. You may enter."

[ Gate opens, and I walk in. Gate closes. ]

Guard: "NEXT!"

[ jb walks up ]

Guard: "jb. So. You're a believer."

jb: "Yes, I am! All praise to god, and to all of his manifestations!"

Guard: "Um. His what?"

jb: "His manifestations?"

Guard [looking perplexed]: "Where did you get THAT crap from?"

jb: "Baha'u'llah!"

Guard: "baha WHO?"

jb: "Baja'u'lah! And the Bab! And Abdu'l-baha!"

Guard: "Hmmm. Uh. OK. And what made you believe all of THAT?"

jb: "Seemed like it all made sense."

Guard: "So you used the common sense and intellect that god gave you, and you came up with THAT?"

jb: "YEP!"

Guard: "Sheesh. You have failed god's test. You were supposed to use the common sense and intellect that god gave you
to come to the conclusion that there was no reason to believe. Away with you!"

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