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IF baha'hula'hula was "divine", THIS is why he would have...
Wed Sep 5, 2018 6:31am (XFF:

...said "No women in the Universal House of Justice".

If his religion was going to catch on, it would have to conform to societal norms of that time. At that time, the Middle East and much of the world was sexist. Had he decreed right at the outset that women were equal, and could sit alongside men in the UHJ, he knew that many men would shun the religion. For it to grow AT THAT TIME, women would have to be "excused" from the highest posts in the religion.

And he would have made that somewhat OK by decreeing that women could serve everywhere ELSE in the religion. Just not at the highest level.

The only PROBLEM with that is that BY NOW, that would have been changed. Women are not the chattel that they once were. If baha'hula'hula was "divine", he would have LONG AGO, back in the 1950s or 1960s at the LATEST, come back and said "OK, my children. The world is now ready. Women? Come join us and sit beside us. Your time has come".

For it to now be almost the year 2020, and that STILL hasn't happened?

That means that it's a man-made religion, baha'hula'hula was not "divine", he's never coming back or sending word that women really ARE equal, women will ALWAYS be excluded, and as a result the religion he invented will stagnate (as it already has) and eventually die out.

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