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Perhaps not divine, but BRILLIANT.
Wed Sep 5, 2018 10:42am

What general program could possibly be better for Humanity as a whole than his [explanations mine]:

The oneness of mankind.
We are all brothers & sisters & should act that way.

Universal peace upheld by a world government.
A marvelous goal.

Independent investigation of truth.
No damned "Fearless Leader", but each using the resources of his/her own mind with the freedom to exchange opinions.

The common foundation of all religions.
Recognition that all religions serve a common purpose: The moral improvement of Humanity, so any differences are unimportant.

The essential harmony of science and religion.
Forget literal interpretation of Genesis, or any other mythology and follow the evidence.

Equality of men and women.
A huge idea considering when and when this was promulgated.

Elimination of prejudice of all kinds.
Obvious, we cannot be brothers & sisters if we hate one another.

Universal compulsory education.
Ignorance is a terrible weakness and must be countered by widespread education.

A spiritual solution to the economic problem.
Realization that unlimited profit is immoral and that every participant in every economic transaction must be certain the he/she gives fairly for what is received.

A universal auxiliary language.
We cannot deal with each other as siblings so long as we cannot communicate with one another. This is rapidly underway and English is ALREADY on the way to becoming THE INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE thanks to the Internet and other mass media.

I want to everyone to notice that there is no nonsense here about "Paradise" or "Immortality", or, for that matter, any mention of the "Next World". Baha'i is firmly founded in the real world. One should also notice that the above include, implicitly but clearly, the "Golden Rule".

For further exposition of these principles see this source:


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