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Sir Real
"I want everyone to notice
Wed Sep 5, 2018 12:20pm

that there is no nonsense here about 'Paradise' or 'Immortality', or, for that matter, any mention of the 'Next World'. Baha'i is firmly founded in the real world." -- DFM

No, but there is mention of a "next world" here:

"Baha’u’llah taught the existence of myriad 'worlds of God', including one we enter when we shed the physical form. But Baha’is also believe that the next life isn’t something we’re supposed to concern ourselves about in such a way that it reduces our life here to the status of a waiting room."

Regarding the second sentence of the above quote, I believe the same could be said of Christians (and numerous other religionists) and their own faith.

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