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I don't know what his hang up is
Thu Sep 6, 2018 10:10am

Trying to deflect the debate to an unrelated topic is one of his debate tactics when he is persistently challenged to provide a sound, logical defense to his position. Atheism seems to be one of his favorite deflections.

It's the 'oh yea, well what about you?' tactic which attempts to put the opponent on the defense and to deflect.

I agree - atheism is essentially a position on one and only one issue (is there a god or not). It is not a political organization, not a religion, not a country, not a culture, not anything save one single belief regarding one single question.

He can't lump atheists together in the manner he does anymore than people who like the color blue can be lump together in the same way.

I don't respond as I am confident posters here see it for what it is.

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