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"But whenever you hear the media try to scapegoat Hamas ..."
Fri Sep 7, 2018 5:20am

"Between their religious right-wing domestic agenda, and their refusal to renounce violence against civilians, Iím most certainly no fan of Hamas. But whenever you hear Israel try to scapegoat Hamas for the crisis in Gaza, there are two things to consider. First, Hamas hasnít only showed preparedness to have a truce with Israel if Israel ended its attacks on Gaza, but has also suggested (though with mixed signals) that it is open to a two-state solution. Second, and more importantly, Hamas didnít come to power until 2006/07. Between 1993 and 2006 (13 years), Israel had the more moderate, peaceful, and pliant Palestinian authority (which recognizes Israel and renounces violence) to deal with as a partner for peace. What did Israel do? Did it make peace? Or did it continue to occupy Palestinian land, violate Palestinian rights, and usurp Palestinian resources? What strengthened Hamas and other extremists in Palestine is precisely the moderatesí failure to secure any Palestinian rights through cooperation and negotiations. The truth is entirely inverted here: it is Israelís escalating violations of Palestinian rights which strengthen the extremists."

Israel's favorite media role:

Plucky little David fighting the Palestinian Goliath

"Since 2005, 23 out of every 24 conflict deaths have been Palestinian":

Finkelstein: "Hamas Isn't The Threat That Israel Claims" (video):

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