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I would YELL first. If I got a reasonable response, I would
Fri Sep 7, 2018 2:01pm

refrain from shooting. In many apartment buildings, especially in the dark, it is easy to mistake one apartment for another. In many cookie-cutter housing developments, the same is true. If a family member, a friend, or neighbor answered, I would simply talk things over & straighten them out.

I would need to feel clearly threatened by an actual intruder in order to shoot. If the person were not armed or approaching me menacingly, I would, depending on my judgment of the situation either permit him to leave or hold him at gunpoint. If the guy laid face down on the floor with his arms and legs spread as I would command, then I would just call 911 and let the cops handle it. Any sudden moves on his part would be very dangerous.

Inexperienced persons have no real idea of the capabilities of a firearm and so are prone to shoot unnecessarily. I KNOW what a gun can do to a person and have no desire to inflict a gunshot wound unless I have absolutely no alternative.


  • Shoot first, ask questions later:Ken C, Fri Sep 7 10:07am
    If you found an intruder in your home, would you yell any kind of warning before shooting the person? What if you shot and killed the suspected intruder, then realized you were in the wrong house and ... more
    • Re: Shoot first, ask questions later:Ennui, Fri Sep 7 2:10pm
      SES: "I can't imagine ever being so tired or out of sorts (short of being intoxicated) to the point that I wouldn't realized that I had walked into the wrong apartment." And that was my first thought ... more
    • I would YELL first. If I got a reasonable response, I would — DFM, Fri Sep 7 2:01pm
    • I used to live in a third floor apartment. If I had returned home at 10 PM, and found someone in my apartment, my first reaction would be to ask "Who the hell are you?" His/her reaction would dictate ... more
    • Reasonable belief. It's a key term. Sprout, Fri Sep 7 10:52am
      If one reads use of force statutes in Texas, it uses that term repeatedly. What it means that given the situation as a reasonable person would believe it to be, is the use of force proposed... more
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