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Re: Shoot first, ask questions later:
Fri Sep 7, 2018 2:10pm

SES: "I can't imagine ever being so tired or out of sorts (short of being intoxicated) to the point that I wouldn't realized that I had walked into the wrong apartment."

And that was my first thought after reading what you posted. I can understand if someone is dead tired, and accidently mistakes someone else's apartment door for their own. Though it has happened on rare occassion, I have mistaken someone else's car for my own and stood there in the parking lot for a few seconds like a dope, trying to figure out why my key wouldn't work. The second I look inside the car, though, I realize that its not my own.

But the second the officer entered the apartment - I can't imagine that her apartment and the one she entered are so similiar that she was fooled into thinking it was her own. Was the furniture the same? Arranged the same? The same decor????

We need a lot more information before we can make a judgement.

Now, how would I act if I was the officer who entered the wrong apartment? Like SES, I don't carry firearms around with me, so I would also say 'Who the hell are you?' If I had a fire arm, would I automatically draw AND fire? Well, sitting here in the comfort of my own home and having the time to ponder the question, I hope that if I did draw my firearm, I wouldn't instantly shoot it. I would hope that I would ask in a very direct and stern 'Who are you and what are you doing here?' Or perhaps I would just place my hand on my firearm without actually drawing it and ask the question.

If I was on the other side of the equation and an unknown police officer walked into my apartment and drew her weapon, I would probably raise my hands to show that I was not a threat. After all, I would be in a very tricky position (and no doubt on the short end of the stick - she being armed, me probably not) and would rather try to defuse the situation than do something to cause it to escalate.

It's a strange story - more info is definately needed.

  • Shoot first, ask questions later:Ken C, Fri Sep 7 10:07am
    If you found an intruder in your home, would you yell any kind of warning before shooting the person? What if you shot and killed the suspected intruder, then realized you were in the wrong house and ... more
    • Re: Shoot first, ask questions later: — Ennui, Fri Sep 7 2:10pm
    • I used to live in a third floor apartment. If I had returned home at 10 PM, and found someone in my apartment, my first reaction would be to ask "Who the hell are you?" His/her reaction would dictate ... more
    • Reasonable belief. It's a key term. Sprout, Fri Sep 7 10:52am
      If one reads use of force statutes in Texas, it uses that term repeatedly. What it means that given the situation as a reasonable person would believe it to be, is the use of force proposed... more
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