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I am afraid that jb is right about women in Cuba.
Fri Sep 7, 2018 3:06pm

The "Constitution" of Cuba means absolutely nothing.

There is no rule of law in Cuba, only arbitrary power.

There are no human rights in Cuba, and especially no women's rights. Women's membership in powerless governmental bodies is irrelevant. It is just Cuba's version of Potemkin villages.

Machismo rules. Women are punching bags.

The regime is now permitting publication of critical articles. [Amazing!] This first piece below was published in Cuba by a Cuban.

The “Culture” of Violence in Cuba
December 8, 2017

…and the half-hearted attempt to tackle it

Osmel Ramirez Alvarez

However, the most frequent and cutting form of violence in our society is domestic, mainly against women and young girls. For a few weeks now, there has been a great campaign to try and make this scourge visible, which is an excellent idea.

Machismo endures like a bad inheritance which is aggravated by Cuba’s critical socio-economic landscape. Cuban women freed their minds, but they are currently out-of-step with their most adverse social reality.

For example, they end up stuck in dysfunctional marriages a lot of the time because they have no way to be independent. The burden of looking after children and the household are great factors, of course. However, both are conditioned by the miserly wages that make their lives an odyssey. And that is the breeding ground for domestic violence.

No man woos a woman by saying that if he doesn’t like something he will beat her or insult her. The violent ones are the ones who sell themselves the best, as they are almost always innate manipulators who deceive everyone around them and victimize them.

And a very complicated psychosocial web is formed that only very few women, alone, are able to untangle. That’s why help via institutions and effective laws is so important.

The first problem we have is our police, where there are mostly men and most often practice macho solidarity. It’s very hard for a woman to decide to file a report but a lot of the time, it’s even harder to convince the police to accept them. Mainly in municipalities where nearly everyone has one relative or friend in uniform. People always think the victim is exaggerating until a tragedy happens.

A conservative like you should be far more cautious at taking anything in any "constitution" of a Marxist country seriously.


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