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I remember a time when....
Sat Sep 8, 2018 8:44am

people didn't talk or seem to care that much about religion or politics, or at least not about other people's religion or politics. One's thoughts or beliefs about such matters were more of a private or personal matter. People might choose to go to church or not go to church, and people would go vote on election day or not, but no one really cared about how others believed or voted on such matters. You didn't ask people what their personal religious beliefs were, or how they voted on election day. There was sort of a respect of privacy with regard to personal beliefs and choices.

Now I can see how apathy might not be a good thing when there are problems that need to be exposed or brought to light in order to fix the problems. But now it seems that people are sometimes looking for problems or trouble, and feeding off of manufactured or feigned outrage, even if they have to create problems that didn't exist before. I don't know. Can there ever be a happy middle ground? Or must the pendulum swing back and forth?

I think most of us live in the real world, but perhaps feel helpless to make it better or make a difference. So maybe certain religious beliefs are a way of coping or hoping for something better in the next life or world? In the meantime, however, we live in this world. So is it really relevant whether or not there exists a god or gods in some other plane of existence, notwithstanding whatever claims or proclamations of those who wish to validate or push their own personal beliefs onto others?

The problem, as I see it, is when people wish to mix religious beliefs with political beliefs, because then many issues of the day, in the real world, become exaggerated or amplified way out of proportion to the point where more problems are created than solved, because too many people feel that their own personal beliefs and choices should also be other people's personal beliefs and choices. And that is the beginning of how and when we lose our freedom.

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