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Sir Real
Your silly claim is "an idea from Fairyland," as you put it.
Sun Sep 9, 2018 9:41am

"Leftist Demands that Israel Commit National Suicide"? Absolute nonsense. The writer, Max Fisher, did no such thing.

So you're going to ridiculously pretend there aren't but two choices here? Slaughter civilians or commit national suicide? How about this choice, you know, the one currently in effect: the cease-fire between Hamas and Israel resulting in the cessation of rocket launches by Hamas and Israel's, theoretically, at least, killing of no civilians? Does that sound even remotely suicidal to you?

The biggest challenge to the cease-fire agreement is persistent Israeli violation and the lack of any accountability for them.

The follow-up progressive step, of course, would be attainment of a permanent peace treaty. All too often in the past, however, just when a realistic hope for Peace seemed to have risen, "something suddenly came up":

"The UN eventually managed to create a temporary and very partial ceasefire, during which Israel obtained even more armaments. A Swedish UN mediator, Count Folke Bernadotte, who had previously rescued thousands of Jews from the Nazis, was dispatched to negotiate an end to the violence. Israeli assassins killed him and Israel continued what it was to call its 'war of independence.'"

"There continued to be few Palestinian terrorist attacks until February 1994, when an Israeli settler attacked a Hebron mosque and killed 29 Palestinian civilians. However, when Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin refused to withdraw the fanatic Israeli settlers from Hebron, Hamas — but not the PLO — retaliated with a number of suicide attacks inside Israel. In 1997, though, the chief Hamas leader, Khaled Meshal, conveyed an offer to Israel (through King Hussein of Jordan) to agree to a 30-year ceasefire. Israel not only ignored the offer; a few days later, its operatives tried to assassinate Meshal."

"In November 2012, the ceasefire ended when Israel initiated an eight-day round of exchanges of fire with Hamas. However, before Israel once again broke an important ceasefire (as it had repeatedly done in the past), Hamas had apparently been on the verge of a radical change in its policies towards Israel. The story was covered in a series of articles in Haaretz by Gershon Baskin, a prominent Israeli peace activist with ties to both Hamas and the Israeli government who had helped negotiate the earlier deal in which an Israeli prisoner of Hamas was released in exchange for 1,000 Palestinian prisoners of Israel. Baskin had negotiated a draft agreement with Hamas military chief Ahmed Jabari that provided for a permanent truce between Israel and Hamas — not a 10-year or even a 30-year truce, as Hamas had proposed in the past, but a permanent one.

A few weeks later, Reuven Pedatzur, the military correspondent of Haaretz, confirmed Baskin's account, writing that contacts between Baskin and Hamas had taken place 'with the knowledge and consent of Defense Minister Ehud Barak,' who was shown the draft agreement. Several hours later, though,
Israel assassinated Jabari, 'the man who had the power to make a deal with Israel,' wrote Pedatzur."

The title of DFM's linked article: "Yes, Gaza militants hide rockets in schools, but Israel doesn't have to bomb them"

DFM: "Let that sink in for a minute. It says that even if Israel knows where its enemies are hiding weapons or firing them from, Israel should refrain from attacking these locations just because civilians are around." [emphasis applied]

I really don't think the people of this board need for you to "translate" a simple, plain-English statement for them, particularly when such "translation" falsely suggests that the quoted statement said anything about firing rockets from Gaza schools.

Another staple of Israeli propaganda busted:

I knew your article had to be old (published July 17, 2014, in fact) at the sight of the words, "There is no indication that Israel deliberately targets civilians, as Hamas does," which of course you emboldened for emphasis. The proverbial cat, however, is long since out of the bag:

Israel Speaks: "We Purposely Attack Civilians..."

Israel Targeting Civilians as Collective Punishment [by the way, this is a war crime under the 1949 Geneva Conventions]:

"It must be aggravating for Israel’s propagandists when high-ranking political officials slip and get off the sanitized/approved message for public consumption. Yesterday, Israeli Interior Minister Eli Yishai said the "goal of the operation is to send Gaza back to the Middle Ages." Not to be outdone, Gilad Sharon, son of former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon, said “we need to flatten entire neighborhoods in Gaza. Flatten all of Gaza.” If you’re thinking this is just rhetoric, consider the fact that, according to Amnesty International, Israel “flattened... busy neighborhoods” into “moonscapes” during its last major assault on Gaza in 2008/09. And it wasn’t just human rights organizations that were exposing Israeli war crimes in Gaza, but Israeli soldiers whose conscience could not bear to remain silent about the atrocities they had committed were also coming forward.

Israel’s military superiority, while indeed impressive (thanks to $30 billion in U.S. military aid this decade), is not stronger than the Palestinian will to live in dignity. The way to end the firing of rockets in the short term is to agree to a truce and end the blockade of Gaza. The way to resolve the entire conflict in the long term is to end Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian lands and allow the Palestinians to exercise their right to self-determination. We’re probably close to a ceasefire agreement to end this round of violence. The real challenge is ending the Israeli occupation for long-term peace and security for Israelis and Palestinians."

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