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I have always believed that women can do ANYTHING that men
Sun Sep 9, 2018 10:49am

can do. Part of the reason was my stellar mother.

Graduated law school (Ohio State U) at age of 19. Passed the Ohio State bar before turning 20.

Had a career as a lawyer that lasted 58 years.

Was rumored to have never lost a case (not true). However, they don't make legends like that about ordinary lawyers. Truth is that she very seldom lost in court. Of course, there was a selection factor. She never went to court unless she was confident of victory. Otherwise, she made deals.

Was the terror of the courtrooms in Franklin County. Even the judges were afraid of her because she knew the Law better than they did and could pull valid precedents seemingly out of thin air. If she got an unfavorable ruling, she would say something like this, "But, you Honor. In the case of Smith versus Jones, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled the other way." Then the judge knew that either he ruled her way or he would be overturned on appeal. Judges hate being overturned.


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