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Sir Real
Sun Sep 9, 2018 4:45pm

The "If I claim to be ____________________" analogy is totally off base.

You "sign up," you a bahai. Simple as that. And if and when you do "sign up" you vow to "endeavor" to follow Baba'boo'booh's teachings and the bahai way of life, which means should you stumble and fall short of bahai ideals, well, 'fraid you still a bahai (barring the occurrence of your excommunication by the cult in which case you remain a bahai until that point in time). ("According to the writings, one can only be 'excommunicated' if they in some way damage the Baha'i community or its image in some way. Other sins, according to scripture, should be kept between the sinner and God.")

"The actual physical process of becoming a Baha段, of joining the Baha段 community and signing on as a member of the Faith, is very simple. It varies from country to country, depending on civil and religious laws, but in most countries you simply sign a Baha段 declaration card, which typically says something like this:

I wish to become a member of the Baha段 community. I accept Baha置値lah as the Bearer of God痴 Message for this Day and will endeavour to follow His teachings and the Baha段 way of life. I also accept the authority of the institutions which administer the affairs of the Baha段 community. (Australian Baha段 declaration card)

When you sign a Baha段 declaration card, you値l be joyfully welcomed into a local Baha段 community, and become part of the worldwide Baha段 community, as well."

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