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This is the same error Theists make with Stalin's...
Mon Sep 10, 2018 7:16am (XFF:


"Stalin was an Atheist and look at what Russia did to people!!!"

Except that Stalin didn't actually kill all of those people. Russians did. And Russians were, in actually, almost ALL Russian Orthodox.

One man being an Atheist does not automatically make every person in his country an Atheist.

Same with Hitler (except that Hitler was actually Roman Catholic). Theists claim that Hitler was an Atheist, and look at all of the people HE killed. Except that HE didn't actually kill all of those people - his people did. And Germans of that time were mostly Catholics.

So Cuba is an "Atheist country". And the power that be have declared that women are equal to men, and may serve at whatever level of the government they aspire to.

CUBANS, the vast majority of them, are still Christians. So if they haven't yet accepted the State's declaration and are still "using women as punching bags", why should Atheism take that rap?

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