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And should they be executed if they do not?
Mon Sep 10, 2018 9:18am

Here are some examples of what the sharia law mandates:

▪️Elevated legal status of muslims over non-muslims;

▪️Legal discrimination of non-muslims;

▪️Execution of all homosexuals;

▪️Execution of all apostates;

▪️Execution of all "polytheists" (for example Hindus);

▪️Execution of all who criticize islam and Muhammad;

▪️Execution of all blasphemers;

▪️Execution of all who proselytize any religion other than islam;

▪️Three options are offered to "the people of the book" (Jews and Christians), in the process of their conversion to islam: (1) Convert immediately, (2) Pay the humiliating Jizya tax, or (3) Be executed;

▪️Covering (with a hijab, or burka) of all women is strictly mandated;

▪️Lower legal status of women in court (witnessing);

▪️Women inherits half the property of what a male would inherit;

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