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The Philly Soda Tax
Mon Sep 10, 2018 12:36pm

Philadelphia raised their tax on soda, but the city right next to them didn't. So some people went across the street to their neighboring cities to buy soda, and Philadelphia lost their business. That means a national soda tax would work better.

Some people claim the soda tax disproportionately taxes the poor. So I think the soda tax money should be used to subsidize more healthy drinks.

Stossel: The Philly Soda Tax:

      • I don't like bans, I like freedom.Ken C, Tue Sep 11 5:55pm
        I don't just want freedom for me, I also want freedom for people who are different from me.
        • How far can we go with that?Sprout, Wed Sep 12 12:06pm
          As a general rule I agree... And if we, as a society, weren't stuck with the bill, I'd be a pretty far extreme libertarian. I'm a fan of the old saying, "your right to swing your fist ends at the tip ... more
          • I know some people don't want a "Nanny State', but I'm in favor of it in some ways. I like reasonable taxes to gently discourage bad behavior and promote good behavior. It looks like the constitution ... more
            • I think the line falls betweenSprout, Wed Sep 12 2:01pm
              GENERAL welfare and INDIVIDUAL welfare... Promote the general welfare is about providing things like roads that everyone uses. Infrastructure projects to bring clean water to a city. Bridges to... more
    • We need to stop taxing the crap out of everything and ...Mondo Fuego™, Tue Sep 11 2:56pm
      … fire about 30% of government workers and let them get real jobs and pay real income tax.
      • taxing things is simply a way to discourage a behavior that they lack the political capital sufficient to ban. Though I'm not sure what you mean about gov't workers not paying "real" income tax? Do... more
    • I don't drink sodaEnnui, Tue Sep 11 7:29am
      so I don't have a personal stake in this. I doubt that the state has any sincere interest in everyone's personal health. OTOH, I don't think the state is plotting behind closed doors to get us. I... more
    • I don't have any beef with using Sprout, Tue Sep 11 6:55am
      sugary drink taxes to subsidize healthier alternatives... But while certainly it is EASIER to do many things nationally, the constitution is quite clear that the federal gov't is intended to be... more
      • Re: I don't have any beef with using Ennui, Tue Sep 11 7:30am
        "And I do think that trying to make you stop drinking soda is well outside of the scope of federal power authorized in the US Constitution." Agreed
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