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We weren't talking about spirituality, we were talking about
Tue Sep 11, 2018 5:52am

written laws in so-called "holy books." We were talking about mixing politics with religion and people killing people in the name of God and religion... such as the crusades, 9-11, war, etc... and you said that was because of "DISOBEDIENCE to the LAWS of Religions" "the Laws of GOD" and that "Everybody should obey the Social Laws of All Religions!" Three times you talked about LAWS, not spirituality or spiritual laws.

So then I asked which of those sharia LAWS should be followed, obeyed or disobeyed? THEN you said "I DIDN'T say they should be obeyed i said there should be no death penalty for enforcing them!"... which makes no sense at all. We were talking about those religious LAWS that called for death penalties for offenders. Forget about the death penalties. Should those LAWS be obeyed and followed or not?

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