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All about perspective....
Tue Sep 11, 2018 6:52am

If one wants to write an article about doom and gloom and anti-Trump perspective, one demands that we accept that NOTHING good has happened and that the fact that NK hasn't totally abandoned nukes in the 2 years Trump has been in office is abject failure.

If one wants to write an article that is positive regarding Trump, one shows this parade as a huge deal.

The truth is that it is probably neither. The parade choice is a small thing. But it is a small indicator that NK may be slightly more interested in foreign perceptions than before.

  • 2 conflicting headlines about the same event:Ken C, Tue Sep 11 12:01am
    It's interesting to compare these 2 different headlines about the same event: North Korea vows to KEEP nuclear weapons in huge blow to Trump as WW3 tensions soar NORTH Korea has no plans to scrap its ... more
    • Not surprisingEnnui, Tue Sep 11 7:25am
      It is a demonstration of the need to use more than one source of information when trying to uncover the truth. Even then, a person may never know what the entire truth really is.
    • All about perspective.... — Sprout, Tue Sep 11 6:52am
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