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I had to ask because...
Wed Sep 12, 2018 6:13am

down below you said "no" to several of the sharia laws, but said nothing when it came to that one on lower legal status of women in court (witnessing). You just missed that one? Also, you said you didn't think the burka should be required. Do you think the hijab should be required?

▪️Elevated legal status of muslims over non-muslims;

▪️Legal discrimination of non-muslims;no

▪️Execution of all homosexuals;yes for those who execute homosexuals

▪️Execution of all apostates;yes for those who execute apostates

▪️Execution of all "polytheists" (for example Hindus); Hindus are not polytheists

▪️Execution of all who criticize islam and Muhammad;
yes for those who execute
▪️Execution of all blasphemers;
yes for those who execute blasphemers

▪️Execution of all who proselytize any religion other than islam;
yes for those who execute

▪️Three options are offered to "the people of the book" (Jews and Christians), in the process of their conversion to islam: (1) Convert immediately, (2) Pay the humiliating Jizya tax, or (3) Be executed;
▪️Covering (with a hijab, or burka) of all women is strictly mandated;
no but the burka should not be required

▪️Lower legal status of women in court (witnessing);

▪️Women inherits half the property of what a male would inherit;no

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