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The attached link is a perfect display of 911
Wed Sep 12, 2018 7:44am

truth, lots of images of thermate-cut iron beams. Copious amounts of U ignited ther ate has been found in the dust. Those with PHDs in the physics discipline show the proof. Skip the first part of video and go to 6:09 and to the end. Not long. That woman standing in the opening of the north tower....that is where the first plane struck. Notice it has cooled because the kerosine fire was smokey and burned off very quickly. Her name was Ipanima(sp). Greek? The American People double-crossed by the Deep State.

  • How did your 9/11 "conspirators" benefit from 9/11?Mondo Fuego™, Tue Sep 11 2:53pm
    What was their motivation?
    • The attached link is a perfect display of 911 — G💥💥💥G, Wed Sep 12 7:44am
      • LinkLINK, Wed Sep 12 7:52am Go to 6:09 mark and see the pics, search out the physics documents. We have been had!!
    • War for Israel. War for profit. War for oil, G🇺🇸🔯🇺🇸G, Tue Sep 11 3:57pm
      Homeland Security, Patriot Act, TSA, destruction of our Constitutional Guaranties, expansion of police powers, expansion of high tech surveillance. In one word the benefit for those involved was... more
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