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Here. I'll give you some.
Wed Sep 12, 2018 7:57am (XFF:

As an Atheist myself, I have to criticize the people that I call "Militant Atheists".

Those are the Atheists who, for example, try to get a 100 year old cross removed from a County Park -- a cross that was put up by World War I veterans in memory of their comrades who never came home from France.

And they use as their reason the Constitution. As if letting a 100 year old cross remain on government property represents the Federal Government "establishing a religion".

THOSE Atheists -- the "Militant Atheists" -- give all other Atheists a bad name. They lump all of us in together, in the minds of those who are somewhat ignorant of what it means to be an Atheist, with the nutcase fringe who think a Manger Scene on the City Green at Christmas is the government "establishing a religion".

There are enough people who ignorantly think Atheists are Satan worshipers. We don't need to give ignorant people yet another reason to demonize Atheists.

There. I criticized some Atheists.

Happy now?

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