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I won't say you're a liar on that. Just ignorant.
Wed Sep 12, 2018 11:46am (XFF:

"Historians working after the Soviet Union's dissolution have estimated victim totals ranging from
approximately 3 million to nearly 9 million. Some claim the death toll could be 20 to 30 million."

No post-Soviet Union estimates even come CLOSE to 50 million.

And if you read further, you'll note that:

1. People were sent to the Gulags for political reasons, not religious reasons. They were imprisoned
NOT because of Stalin's (suppose-ed) Atheism, but for their (suppose-ed) anti-Communist political and
economic views.

2. Many of the deaths were the result of famine, caused primarily by the communization of agriculture,
and were not intentionally targeted deaths because of religious or political reasons.

Simply stated, (1) you VASTLY over-stated the number of deaths during Stalin's regime, and (2) stupidly
claim that the deaths that DID occur were somehow tied to Stalin's (suppose-ed) Atheism.

In reality, (1) VASTLY fewer people died, (2) many of them died as a result of attempts to "communize"
the Russian economy, and not as intentional killings, and (3) many of those who died were targeted for purely
political reasons, something that has happened over and over and over throughout human history, even in THEISTIC

Stalin was an evil man. Intent on imposing Communism regardless of the human cost.

But NOT because he was (suppose-edly) an Atheist.

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