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How far can we go with that?
Wed Sep 12, 2018 12:06pm

As a general rule I agree...

And if we, as a society, weren't stuck with the bill, I'd be a pretty far extreme libertarian.

I'm a fan of the old saying, "your right to swing your fist ends at the tip of my nose."

I think the challenge comes when your actions only harm YOU. If it were up to me alone, it should be your choice 100% and your responsibility 100%. And IF we could truly make it your responsibility 100%, does that justify us doing ANYTHING to limit your behavior?

Can we justify limiting your choice to commit suicide as long as you don't hurt anyone else doing it?

If you want to drink yourself to death and you have the money to do it, can we justify forcing you into rehab?

  • I don't like bans, I like freedom.Ken C, Tue Sep 11 5:55pm
    I don't just want freedom for me, I also want freedom for people who are different from me.
    • How far can we go with that? — Sprout, Wed Sep 12 12:06pm
      • I know some people don't want a "Nanny State', but I'm in favor of it in some ways. I like reasonable taxes to gently discourage bad behavior and promote good behavior. It looks like the constitution ... more
        • I think the line falls betweenSprout, Wed Sep 12 2:01pm
          GENERAL welfare and INDIVIDUAL welfare... Promote the general welfare is about providing things like roads that everyone uses. Infrastructure projects to bring clean water to a city. Bridges to... more
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