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Self driving rides would be much cheaper.
Wed Sep 12, 2018 12:11pm

Currently when someone pays for a ride in Uber or lyft or a taxi, most of the money goes to the human driver. That means taking a ride in a self driving car could be about half as expensive. All the saved money is a big incentive for companies to make the technology and for people to use the technology when it becomes available.

I don't know much about truck loading. If people in the warehouse can load the truck and people at the final destination can unload the truck, then truck drivers won't need to.

Distracted driving is becoming more common. All those distractions are things people would like to do if they had a self driving car. The AVERAGE driver might want a self driving car so he/she can take care of those distractions.

I have always liked driving. Before I even had a car, I wanted to go with my parents whenever they went anywhere because I liked going places in the car. About a year ago I finally started working as a driver. It's the funnest job I ever had, but I'm afraid I will be replaced by machines before I can retire.

  • Expected by whom? Sprout, Wed Sep 12 11:28am
    By those who wanted you to give them money to invest in its development? Of course they will try to SELL you on the idea that it's right around the corner. I'd be SHOCKED if any significant... more
    • Self driving rides would be much cheaper. — Ken C, Wed Sep 12 12:11pm
      • of self driving cars will be liability and insurance. Who is responsible? If you buy a new Ford self-driving sedan, and you get in an at-fault wreck, who is responsible? You? Ford? Whose insurance... more
      • Maybe...Sprout, Wed Sep 12 12:21pm
        Depends on how much it takes to equip, maintain, AND UPDATE the software necessary to keep a self-driving vehicle on the road. I think that EVENTUALLY a self-driving cab will be markedly cheaper than ... more
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