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Wed Sep 12, 2018 12:21pm

Depends on how much it takes to equip, maintain, AND UPDATE the software necessary to keep a self-driving vehicle on the road.

I think that EVENTUALLY a self-driving cab will be markedly cheaper than a human operated taxi.

Lots of trucks other than warehouse dock to warehouse dock.

Or are you going to be at home to meet the driveless UPS truck at the curb to get your own package out of the back?

MOST of the stuff you buy at a regular retail store (not Walmart) was brought into the store by the driver.

It is POSSIBLE that you could be replaced as a driver before you can retire. You aren't that old.

What that means is you need to be working on your next career NOW. What are you going to do after LYFT? What do you need to learn to do that job? Get the training/education NOW. Do not wait until you are no longer employed to start that process.

And do NOT wait to look for another job until every other LYFT driver is job hunting at the same time.

  • Self driving rides would be much cheaper.Ken C, Wed Sep 12 12:11pm
    Currently when someone pays for a ride in Uber or lyft or a taxi, most of the money goes to the human driver. That means taking a ride in a self driving car could be about half as expensive. All the... more
    • Maybe... — Sprout, Wed Sep 12 12:21pm
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