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At least initially, I think one of the biggest challenges
Wed Sep 12, 2018 1:10pm

of self driving cars will be liability and insurance.

Who is responsible? If you buy a new Ford self-driving sedan, and you get in an at-fault wreck, who is responsible? You? Ford? Whose insurance pays?

If Ford is responsible, you can be certain that you WILL be paying their premiums ultimately. Whether it is lump sum with the purchase, or whether you have to pay monthly to keep your self-driving SERVICE operational, you will end up paying.

And what about updates? If you as the owner fail to download the latest software update (which might not be free), does the liability shift to you? Or does the car simply stop driving itself and make you drive manually?

And LONGER TERM, if self-driving cars end up SAFER than manually operated cars, will you even be ALLOWED to drive it manually? Will you be FORCED to pay Ford's update service to keep your car self-driving?

  • Self driving rides would be much cheaper.Ken C, Wed Sep 12 12:11pm
    Currently when someone pays for a ride in Uber or lyft or a taxi, most of the money goes to the human driver. That means taking a ride in a self driving car could be about half as expensive. All the... more
    • At least initially, I think one of the biggest challenges — Sprout, Wed Sep 12 1:10pm
    • Maybe...Sprout, Wed Sep 12 12:21pm
      Depends on how much it takes to equip, maintain, AND UPDATE the software necessary to keep a self-driving vehicle on the road. I think that EVENTUALLY a self-driving cab will be markedly cheaper than ... more
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