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I think the line falls between
Wed Sep 12, 2018 2:01pm

GENERAL welfare and INDIVIDUAL welfare...

Promote the general welfare is about providing things like roads that everyone uses.

Infrastructure projects to bring clean water to a city. Bridges to facilitate transportation.

This is general welfare. And most certainly the gov't is empowered to tax the people to provide those...

Where I see the problem arising is when we want to shift from proving GENERAL welfare to providing INDIVDUAL welfare. Though some want to make the stretch and say that by giving one person money, it helps everyone around them, thus MAKING it 'general welfare', but that isn't the intent.

And we are supposed to tax the general population to benefit the general welfare. I do think it pushes the limits again to decide I'm going to tax only one group to try and benefit another group not the whole population on either end of the plan.

I could even see an argument that we should tax EVERYONE and then provide gov't medical for EVERYONE. I think there are arguments that is GENERAL welfare is ANYONE can go into these facilities and be treated.

What we cannot do IMO is decide we're going to tax just the rich to provide healthcare for just the poor.

  • I know some people don't want a "Nanny State', but I'm in favor of it in some ways. I like reasonable taxes to gently discourage bad behavior and promote good behavior. It looks like the constitution ... more
    • I think the line falls between — Sprout, Wed Sep 12 2:01pm
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